Total 0% Greek Yoghurt Split Pots – Product Review

This is for all you health freaks out there looking for new products to add to your repertoire. Total Greek Yoghurt has come up with a brand new concept in healthier eating – Total 0% Greek Yoghurt Split Pots. It combines natural fat-free Greek Yoghurt with a side portion of delicious honey or fruit compote. Kick-start your day with a delicious scoop of yoghurt combined with natural fruit or honey or add a few spoonfuls of muesli and you will be active the whole day.

Available in four delicious flavours, Total 0% split pots are the perfect fat-free indulgence, with no artificial sweeteners and no compromise on taste. Total 0% split pots are available in honey, blueberry, strawberry and tropical fruits flavours. The ingredients are only pasteurised skimmed cows’ milk, live yoghurt culture plus honey or fruit compote. Higher in protein than other yoghurt, these convenient little pots have around 150 calories per pot.

Total 0% Split Pot with Blueberry – 82 kcal/100g

Total 0% Split Pot with Strawberry – 85 kcal/100g

Total 0% Split Pot with Tropical Fruits – 85 kcal/100g

Total 0% Split Pot with Honey – 112 kcal/100g

Brilliant for breakfast, luscious at lunchtime, a superlative snack or a dreamy dessert, Total 0% Greek Yoghurt split pots bring you that great indulgent Total taste, fat free! Take a swirl of sweet honey or fruit compote and plunge your spoon into the smooth, thick Greek yoghurt to create the perfect mouthful.

Imagine my delight when I was offered to try out these wonderful new products from Total Greek Yoghurt. I was sent 12 pots of amazing tasty delight along with a beautiful cooler bag and a personal note from Alison. Total Greek Yoghurt cares for its consumers and is not afraid to show it. Thank you Total Greek Yoghurt and Alison for introducing me to this new product and making my life choices healthier.

Delivery from Total Greek Yoghurt in a cute cooler bag!

Yummy Total 0% split pots with personal note!

The Total 0% split pots will be available in most Waitrose stores from 8th February. The introductory price is 9p untill 1st April. So don’t miss this offer to try the new yoghurt flavour in town.

Check out more about the product at Total Greek Yoghurt – Giving you the taste of the Lighter Side of Life. The website also hosts a number of recipes with yoghurt as the main ingredient and the latest information on news and promotions.

2010 in review

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My First Eggless Cake – Baked in Cooker March 2009


The Best Cabbage Sabzi Ever January 2009


How to bake a cake in a pressure cooker September 2008


Extra Chocolaty Eggless Chocolate Cake May 2009


Egg Kathi Roll with Paneer Stuffing June 2009

Total Greek Yoghurt – Product Review

Yoghurt is one of the basic ingredients in the Indian kitchen. Especially because the weather is so hot that you need a coolant with your meals. Also, precisely because of the hot weather, it is easy to prepare yoghurt. However, when I moved to London, no matter what the time of the year, you can’t make curd. It won’t set because it is so cold all the time. So you just end up buying some in the supermarket.

There are multiple brands of yoghurt available here. In fact, all major supermarkets even carry their own in-house brands. I generally get whatever I can get my hands on. However, when Total Greek Yoghurt from sent me their line of products to try out, it really was an eye opener.

Total Greek Yoghurt Line of Products

The Total Greek Yoghurt is thick and creamy and made naturally from cows’ milk and live yoghurt cultures. They have a great line of products catering to every person’s dietary need.

Total Greek Yoghurt is the basic product, delicious with every mouthful. It has no added sugar or sweeteners and has a mild taste with 130kcal per 100 gm.

Total 0% Greek Yoghurt is fat-free but surprisingly light and creamy and perfect for those dieting but with no compromise on the taste with only 52kcal per 100gm.

Total 2% Greek Yoghurt is the classic variety but lower in fat, making it ideal for everybody with 62kcal per 100 gm.

Total Honey Greek Yoghurt is the perfect combination of Greek Yoghurt and sweet honey in a snack size pot that can be eaten on the go with only 119kcal per 100gm.

The entire line of products is also packed in variety of sizes to cater to the individual needs ranging from 500gm to 150gm packs. They also offer value for money as they are priced according to the market rates and offer good quality classic natural yoghurt.

The best part of the packaging is the plastic lid on the bigger packs. This really helps in storing the yoghurt in the pot it came in without the need to transfer it to another container.

Total Greek Yoghurt is especially thicker than other yoghurt brands so you can use it as a binder in most dishes. It does not break when heated like most other yoghurts. It also tastes good when used in its plain form without any additives making it ideal as a dessert ingredient.

There are a number of recipes on the website of Total Greek Yoghurt contributed by various members which you can check out and try. I have listed below various recipes that I tried out using Total Greek Yoghurt in different ways across yoghurt gravy to direct application. Do check them out.

Gatte ki sabzi

Corn Wrap


Dahi Vade

Thank you Total Greek Yoghurt for sending me your products. The above mentioned list of recipes will keep growing thanks to you.

Restaurant Review – Wahaca, Canary Wharf, London

If you are looking for Mexican food, you can have a break in your journey at Wahaca. Though the restaurant does not have a complete ensemble of all Mexican food varieties, it does endeavour to serve quite a few and leaves a good taste in your mouth.

Wahaca is situated on a second floor in the heart of Canary Wharf, London. The entrance is obscure but once you find it, the doors open into a wide space filled with brilliant colours and a welcoming crew. The place is definitely a family place but the seating arrangement does not let the din of conversation overpower the ambience. Either the acoustics are too good or the tables are placed further apart than any other restaurant, good thing is you can hear what you are saying without shouting.

Tortilla Chips with Guacamole

As soon as you are seated, you are greeted by a welcoming face. It is Sara with a great personality who explains the menu to you and even though she treats the menu-cum-place mats like a drawing board, it is quite charming. Moreover, if you are a vegetarian, this place is a heavenly abode for you. The menu offers a wide range of dishes that would definitely please your palate. And don’t be shy to try out the typical Mexican classic drink, Horchata. It is a refreshing dairy-free almond and rice milk with a touch of cinnamon. It goes really well with the dishes on the menu and you won’t be sorry for having it at your table.


Start with tortilla served with guacamole while your order gets ready.  Though the menu screams black bean everywhere leaving you wondering if the restaurant owner is sourcing them from his backyard at a very cheap rate, the different ways of paring it with feta cheese and vegetables leaves you oohing and aahing with pleasure. In true Mexican style you can try them with tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, taquittos and burritos. However, the dish that steals the show and the favour of the hard core vegetable hater Sara is Chile Rellano. It is sweet chile ancho filled with creamy black beans & topped with caramelised onions and toasted pumpkin seeds, served with Mexican green rice and grilled banana slices. You won’t need dessert after this feast.


The only short coming would be the slight blandness of the dishes but that could be attributed to be catering to European taste. However, you have a hot hot sauce at the table to spice things up.

The price for a couple’s meal comes to £20 (drinks excluded) which is a good deal with value for money. The restaurant crew is friendly and makes you feel comfortable. And to end the experience you can take Serrano pepper seeds to plant in your garden.

Rating – 4/5

The Park Pavilion,

Canada Square,

Canary Wharf,

London, E14 5FW

T: +44 (0) 207 516 9145

100th Post and Thank You Foodie BlogRoll!

This is my 100th post on my blog and in my hunt to make it a special one, I was browsing through giveaways and similar net content. Little did I know that I would find the answer on my own blog and that too right in my face.

Recently I have noticed an upturn in my blog traffic and I have been wondering about the reason cos I have done nothing special, not even posted as much. But today I found the reason. I have been chosen as one of the chosen ones in Finest Foodies Friday hosted by the leftover queen. The incoming link dated April 3 had been right there in front of me for so long and I never happened to check it out!

I would like to dedicate my 100th post to thank Judy of No Fear Entertaining for choosing me for FFF. It has fulfilled a long kept dream for me. Everytime I would visit Foodie BlogRoll, I would wish to win something and that has come true. Thanks Judy. Thanks Jenn. Thanks Foodie BlogRoll.

The Finest Foodies Friday for 3rd April can be found on The Foodie BlogRoll too.

Keep visiting though. The special giveaway is coming up soon.

Rendezvous with Tea Factory, Ooty

Ooty or Udagamandalam is a famous hill station in India known for its natural beauty as well as its huge tea plantations. My last visit to Ooty brought me close to a tea factory. The making of an item which we use in our daily lives and which some can’t go without was an interesting rendezvous.

The tea factory is indeed a two-storied building turned into a veritable museum of tea. The entry ticket is for a minimal Rs 5. The entrance is from the second floor which is a huge hall with driers for the tea leaves. The entire hall is lined up with boards depicting the history of tea-making and how the art spread in India. The tea leaves are cut and spread over these driers from where they are sent to the first floor to be cut, twisted and curled into the tea we know today. In fact, the phrase “CTC Tea” is not a brand name. It actually means cut, twisted and curled form of tea.  Seen below is a chain of 5 CTC (cut, twist, curl) machines. The leaf is cut, twisted and curled when it passes through these toothed, high speed stainless steel rollers which run in opposite directions. 







The leaf that comes out of the roller is spread on the fermenting floor. The leaf is spread in the form of beds, usually of 4 ft width and 10 ft length, with a thickness of not more than 3 inches. During fermentation, the leaf reacts with oxygen in the air and changes color. The ‘dhool’ which are spread on the floor slowly turn copper red.  At a particular point when smelt, a fruity fragrance is identified which indicates the ‘dhool’ are ready for drying. 



Tea Fermentation

Tea Fermentation

The dried tea now passed through an elevator and falls into a machine called the Fibromat. As the name indicates, it helps remove the fibre in the tea. At the end of the Fibromat is a mesh that separates the dust from the leaf. 



There are two shifters, one for the dust and the other for the leaf. The leaf tea is granular in shape and graded into Pekoe, BOP, BP and BOPF according to their sizes.  Similarly, the dust tea is graded into Pekoe dust, Red dust, Super red dust and Super fine dust according to their sizes. 

Leaf and Dust separated

Leaf and Dust separated

The tea leaves are given flavors like cardamom and ginger as required and packaged in the tea factory. In fact, the normal tea leaves we use (black tea) is the basic CTC tea. If the tea leaves are extracted before the fermenting process, we get green tea. The dust is packaged into tea bags which are ever so popular these days.

The tea factory has a small shop on the first floor near the exit which promotes the teas it produces by selling them to the general public. The best promotional tactic followed, however, is the free tea that is distributed to all and sundry. The hot cup of delicious cardamom tea warms your hands and hearts in the cold weather of Ooty and elevates you to sublime heights. But only the first cup is free. For another one, you have to shell out two bucks from your pocket.

The making of tea as we know it in our daily life is an out of the world experience not easy to forget. The tea factory is a must-see when visiting Ooty.

Ghajini – Another gem by Amir Khan

The latest movie of Amir Khan has delivered what was expected and more. 200px-ghajini_hindi1Ghajini is a movie about chase to avenge the murder of a loved one. The plot might seem simple but the superb direction by A R Murugadoss and great performances by Amir, Asin, Pradeep Rawat and even Jiah Khan have made the movie a pleasure to watch. Club that with the fact that Amir has a rare disease called anterograde amnesia that prevents him from remembering anything for more than 15 mins take the experience to a new level.

Amir plays the lead, Sanjay Singhania, who is MD of a huge company. He romances a small time model, Kalpana, played by Asin and then takes revenge for her death. Kalpana uses Sanjay’s name to further her career which brings about their meeting. Completely overpowered by Kalpana’s helping nature and personality, Sanjay can’t help but fall in love with her and proposes her. Unfortunately, it is her helping nature that leads to her end. While saving a bunch of girls being trafficked, she gets embroiled with a bunch of gangsters who murder her in front of Amir and leave him too to die. Amir survives, albeit, with a short term memory loss problem but still alive with the burning fire to avenge his love.

Asin plays the role of bubbly and chirpy Kalpana beautifully. She has the rare screen presence and knows how to present herself. Her character justifies the obsession for Sanjay’s revenge. Asin is not only photogenic, she is the next great find for Bollywood.

Amir is simply superb in his performance. His role is tightly packaged and penned down in detail. From Sanjay’s anguished screams over discovering Kalpana’s death every time he wakes up to his surprise over finding that he has killed the wrong guy because he cannot remember the face of the killer and even as the extremely sophisticated MD who tries to pass off as a commoner to charm his love, Amir has delivered the goods. He fits the bill and makes the story believable. His body is tattooed all over and he carries photographs of mundane stuff like the pic of his building, his watchman, his manager, his doctor etc to remind him where he is, what he is doing and where he is going. However, 15 mins seems like too short a time to make it completely believable. The medical angle is a little obscure but still gives a lot of leeway to Murugadoss to twist the plot.

Jiah Khan plays a medical student who helps out Amir in his quest. She has done justice to her role. However, a speech training would be very advisable for her.

asinamirThe movie is fast paced and keeps the audience gripped throughout. The flashback of Amir and Asin has been split into two and placed in both halves of the movie to give it the flow it needed. Rest assured there won’t be a dull moment as long as you don’t dissect Amir’s illness and try to use logic but follow whatever he does knowing it is a B-movie after all.

The best part of the movie is the ending where in Amir and Asin sit on a bench and simply gaze at each other while music plays in the background. Ghajini is an excellent watch according to Bollywood standards and it won’t be a surprise if it sweeps all the awards next year. Watch this movie if you want a good time pass and want to witness another Amir Khan masterpiece.

Rating 4/5