Here is a list of my favorite blogs….my inspirations. Leave me a comment here if you wanna be a part of the group.

  1. A cookie for every country
  2. Aayi’s Recipes
  3. Akal’s Saappadu
  4. Ammalus Kitchen
  5. Anudivya’s a little bit more
  6. AnuSriram – Chandrabhaga
  7. Archana’s Kitchen
  8. Archana’s Spicyana
  9. Archy’s Recipe Book
  10. Asha – Foodie’s Hope
  11. Audax Artifex
  12. Bhawana’s Cooking Spot
  13. Cham – Spice Club
  14. Dreams of Dance
  15. Essence of Andhra
  16. For Spicy Lovers
  17. French Cooking For Dummies
  18. Get your Goals right…
  19. Gourmet Affair
  20. Jenn
  21. Madhoo
  22. Madhuram’s Eggless Cooking
  23. Mahimaa’s Kitchen
  24. Meeta
  25. Mango and Tomato
  26. My Kitchen Treasures
  27. One Perfect Bite
  28. Pantry Raid
  29. Paru – Brindavan Recipes
  30. Plaintain Leaf (Andhra Recipes)
  31. Priya’s Easy and Tasty Recipes
  32. Rak’s Kitchen
  33. Ramya – Penning my Cooking
  34. Reluctant Chef
  35. Srivalli – Cooking 4 all Seasons
  36. Sugarcraft by Soni
  37. Swarna
  38. Tongueticklers
  39. Use Real Butter
  40. Valerie Mahtani
  41. Vanamala
  42. Vegetable Platter
  43. Yummy Food
  44. Shirley – What about second breakfast?
  45. BlogCatalog

3 Responses

  1. don’t know whether you are interested, but I would like to send you a delivery of TOTAL Greek Yoghurt, all variants, so that you can experiment with it and perhaps blog about your findings? Perhaps you can come back to me if interested with a best two hour time slot, your address (can be day or eve as we use a supermarket delivery) and best date? The great thing about TOTAL is it can be used in cooking and the 2% and 10% versions won’t split when heated.
    I look foward to hearing from you.

  2. Thanks for the amazing offer Jules. I am interested in trying out Total Greek Yoghurt line and look forward to experimenting with in my recipes. Needless to say, I will definitely blog about the experience. I have sent you a mail with the requested details. Please let me know how to take this forward.

  3. a very good read very good blog will be looking out for more of these blogs

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