Total Greek Yoghurt – Product Review

Yoghurt is one of the basic ingredients in the Indian kitchen. Especially because the weather is so hot that you need a coolant with your meals. Also, precisely because of the hot weather, it is easy to prepare yoghurt. However, when I moved to London, no matter what the time of the year, you can’t make curd. It won’t set because it is so cold all the time. So you just end up buying some in the supermarket.

There are multiple brands of yoghurt available here. In fact, all major supermarkets even carry their own in-house brands. I generally get whatever I can get my hands on. However, when Total Greek Yoghurt from sent me their line of products to try out, it really was an eye opener.

Total Greek Yoghurt Line of Products

The Total Greek Yoghurt is thick and creamy and made naturally from cows’ milk and live yoghurt cultures. They have a great line of products catering to every person’s dietary need.

Total Greek Yoghurt is the basic product, delicious with every mouthful. It has no added sugar or sweeteners and has a mild taste with 130kcal per 100 gm.

Total 0% Greek Yoghurt is fat-free but surprisingly light and creamy and perfect for those dieting but with no compromise on the taste with only 52kcal per 100gm.

Total 2% Greek Yoghurt is the classic variety but lower in fat, making it ideal for everybody with 62kcal per 100 gm.

Total Honey Greek Yoghurt is the perfect combination of Greek Yoghurt and sweet honey in a snack size pot that can be eaten on the go with only 119kcal per 100gm.

The entire line of products is also packed in variety of sizes to cater to the individual needs ranging from 500gm to 150gm packs. They also offer value for money as they are priced according to the market rates and offer good quality classic natural yoghurt.

The best part of the packaging is the plastic lid on the bigger packs. This really helps in storing the yoghurt in the pot it came in without the need to transfer it to another container.

Total Greek Yoghurt is especially thicker than other yoghurt brands so you can use it as a binder in most dishes. It does not break when heated like most other yoghurts. It also tastes good when used in its plain form without any additives making it ideal as a dessert ingredient.

There are a number of recipes on the website of Total Greek Yoghurt contributed by various members which you can check out and try. I have listed below various recipes that I tried out using Total Greek Yoghurt in different ways across yoghurt gravy to direct application. Do check them out.

Gatte ki sabzi

Corn Wrap


Dahi Vade

Thank you Total Greek Yoghurt for sending me your products. The above mentioned list of recipes will keep growing thanks to you.


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