Chinese Night – Veg Fried Rice & Veg Manchurian

I just love love love Chinese food. My favourite dishes are Veg Fried Rice with Gobhi Manchurian. When I am stressed or happy or just plain bored with cooking, I order these two dishes. When I go out, I always order these two dishes if I can have my way. Everytime I look at a menu, I try to find them. You can say I am obsessed with them. So when hubby suggested making them at home, cos you know, you can’t get them the way they make it at Hotel Mathus, Chennai (the staff came to know me by first name as being their most regular client with the set meal plan), I turned to Tarla Dalal for help.

Tarla Dalal is a very famous Indian cookbook author with scores of books catering to all types of Indian vegetarian cuisines under her belt. Her recipes are to the point without too many big words or difficult techniques. The best thing I like about them is the ingredient measurements are accurately mentioned and easily available. It is very easy to imitate the recipes and create the dishes at home.

Veg Fried Rice served with Veg Manchurian

I modified the recipes a little bit by using not too much capsicum, no celery and definitely no Ajinomoto in Vegetable Fried Rice. Instead of Gobhi Manchurian, I made Vegetable Manchurian (no Ajinomoto again, of course). Also, the preparation of Chinese Rice mentioned on the website makes the rice quickly and keeps it au dente with all the grains separated.

The salt content in my Veg Manchurian balls was a little high and my gravy was a little runny but I will definitely try it again. Gets a thumbs up from hubby too J


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