Raw Mango Chutney with Mint

Come summer and the markets are flooded with mangoes. There are so many varieties across the country. In fact, the raw mango available in North India is very different from that available in South India. The northern version is more tart and lends a unique taste to any recipe. The southern version is generally sweeter. It is quite hard to get your hands on a really really raw mango in Chennai. Anyways, to make the best of what is available, here is the raw mango chutney I made.


1 raw mango (kairi)

1 cup fresh mint leaves (pudina)

1 green chili

3-4 tbsp salt

1 tbsp black salt

Lemon juice (optional)

Green Mango Chutney

Green Mango Chutney

Peel and core the raw mango. Chop the pulp into small pieces. Remove the fresh leaves from the mint stems and wash them thoroughly. Mix all the ingredients and make a puree in a blender. Add a little water to make the chutney thin and of flowing consistency. Add lemon juice if required.

Refrigerate for upto a week.


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