Summer Blaster Challenge

Summer means the onset of mangoes and air conditioners. Summer paints the streets with the red flower of Gulmohar. Summer means holidays and trips to hill stations. Summer means hot prickly heat and continuous sweating, insatiable thirst and no desire to eat. What does summer mean to you and how do you combat the heat? Tell me your favorite summer recipe to win a surprise package.

How to enter in the Summer Blaster Challenge

  1. Post your entry on your blog from today to 30th May with the title as Summer Blaster Challenge with a link back to mentioning your recipe has been submitted to this contest.
  2. Mail the recipe to with a link back to your blog (Please provide a photo along with the recipe)
  3. Leave a comment with the name of your recipe so that it is not missed in the mail.
  4. All the recipes will be mentioned in the final round up on 31st May.
  5. Get your friends to vote for your entry by leaving a comment after 31st May on Sam’s Recipes. (Only one vote per person will be counted).
  6. The voting will close on 15th June so you have two week’s time to get as many votes as possible.
  7. Needless to say, the winner gets an awesome prize.

Please feel free to use the following logo in your blog.


Disclaimer: The prize has not been disclosed to keep up the spirit of the competition in the name of the love of food and not any incentive. Your entry can be submitted to other contests also. The contest is open to all food enthusiasts around the globe.


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