Matka Kulfi

Kulfi can be called the Indian Summer sweet. Every one relishes it specially with falooda (sweet noodles) and Khus or Rooh-Afza. There is another type of kulfi I came across, the matka kulfi. As a lot of relatives are coming over to visit me, I decided to give Matka Kulfi a try to ease the Chennai May heat. All you need are small matka which are clay pots. They are easily available at any pot maker. Just make sure the mouth of the pots is big enough to scoop out the ice-cream.

Preparation Time – 30 mins (4-5 hours for freezing)

Servings – 20


1 liter milk

3-4 Alphonso mangoes

4-5 tbsp sugar

½ can condensed milk

¼ cup milk powder

¼ cup almonds, chopped

¼ cup pistachios, chopped

Matka Kulfi

Matka Kulfi

Boil the milk and let it simmer at low flame. Add sugar, milk powder and condensed milk and let the milk cook till it becomes thick (approximately 15-20 mins) while stirring continuously. Turn off the heat and let the milk cool.

Peel the mangoes and separate the pulp. Blend in a mixer. Add the almonds, pistachios and mango puree to the milk. Pour in the matkas. Cover with aluminium foil and tie with a rubber band or a thread.

Chill for 4-5 hours till kulfi is set. Serve chilled.


10 Responses

  1. Mmmmmmm…It looks delicious!

  2. My husband and I love kulfi but I’ve never seen such an easy recipe before! I would love to try this.

  3. ncie blog with yummy recipes! thanks for adding me and i will do the same.

  4. I love kulfis, yummmmm I never wait until summer to do this 🙂

  5. yum!! I never tried kulfis, definitely will be looking to making it

  6. I am yet to make my mango kulfis this year! You just reminded me that I should, before the season bids farewell! Lovely cute matkas to hold the yummy kulfi.

  7. Kulfi looks delicious…esp. with mango…nice color and cute lil matkas

  8. wow!!!!!! this is fantastic! i will do that!!

  9. hi it is very delicious

  10. Hi. I came upon your kulfi recipe after posting one on my blog! Yours is very different from mine and I can’t wait to try it. Looks great. Thanks for posting.

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