ICE-LOLLIES at home!!!

Come summer and ice-lollies are one of the best heat-busters around. They are sweet and they are cold and they are popular. Who wouldn’t want to stick out their tongue to lick off a dripping ice-lolly in the heat (or the cold for all you care). Kids love them. Adults love them. And you can have all the flavors you want. You can experiment and use ingredients from scrap or you can utilize ready-made products. Listed below are simple ways to make ice-lollies.

Ice-lolly number 1:

The best ice-lolly is made out of fruit. Fresh fruit adds its own distinct flavor. The best ones are those with a lot of juice and less of fibre content. You can utilize strawberries, melons or oranges. Extract the juice or simply mash the fruit to add fibre. Mix with yoghurt and add a little sugar. Pour into the container and freeze for a few hours.

Ice-lolly number 2:

If you do not have the patience or the time to make it from scrap, just bring in ready-made juice. Pour it into the containers and freeze. The quality of the juice will define the qualily of the lolly so make sure the juices are a favorite in the family.

Ice-lolly number 3:

So you are making a smoothie and some is left over. Worry not. You can utilize it for making ice-lollies. You guessed it right. Pour it into the containers and freeze. However, makes sure that the water content is enough in the lollies to hold ’em together.

Ice-lolly number 4:

This one is for the kids. Kids love ice-lollies and what better way there is to build up their anticipation than to involve them into the process of lolly-making? It will be a great bonding time for the kids and you and this does not take much time also. All you need is water, sugar, edible colors and flavors. Match, mix and freeze and enjoy the smiles on the kids’ faces.

Ice-lolly number 5:

You can pack in more delight in your lolly by adding real cut-pieces of fruits when preparing the lolly. If you are making a mango lolly, cut v small pieces of mango and drop them in the lolly as it starts freezing so they are spread throughout. This is a little tricky as you need to be sure of the density of the lolly so that the fruit pieces do not sink to the bottom of the container.

Ice-lolly number 6:

Another beautiful way of presenting a lolly is to make one with multiple colors. Prepare a pink strawberry smoothie and fill the container only half-way. Let it freeze completely. Now add a mango smoothie on top of it to get a bi-colored lolly. Won’t that get wonderful screams of delight from the kids?:-) Mix and match to suit your creativity.


Tip: The best way to prise out an ice-lolly is to have patience. Leave out the container at room temperature for 5 mins. The lollies will loosen considerably and will ease out completely in-tact.


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  1. Simple and nice way’s of making Ice Lollies…

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  3. thanks for the recipes…. i tried them out and it worked beautifully. i love making desserts.. 🙂

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