Ghajini – Another gem by Amir Khan

The latest movie of Amir Khan has delivered what was expected and more. 200px-ghajini_hindi1Ghajini is a movie about chase to avenge the murder of a loved one. The plot might seem simple but the superb direction by A R Murugadoss and great performances by Amir, Asin, Pradeep Rawat and even Jiah Khan have made the movie a pleasure to watch. Club that with the fact that Amir has a rare disease called anterograde amnesia that prevents him from remembering anything for more than 15 mins take the experience to a new level.

Amir plays the lead, Sanjay Singhania, who is MD of a huge company. He romances a small time model, Kalpana, played by Asin and then takes revenge for her death. Kalpana uses Sanjay’s name to further her career which brings about their meeting. Completely overpowered by Kalpana’s helping nature and personality, Sanjay can’t help but fall in love with her and proposes her. Unfortunately, it is her helping nature that leads to her end. While saving a bunch of girls being trafficked, she gets embroiled with a bunch of gangsters who murder her in front of Amir and leave him too to die. Amir survives, albeit, with a short term memory loss problem but still alive with the burning fire to avenge his love.

Asin plays the role of bubbly and chirpy Kalpana beautifully. She has the rare screen presence and knows how to present herself. Her character justifies the obsession for Sanjay’s revenge. Asin is not only photogenic, she is the next great find for Bollywood.

Amir is simply superb in his performance. His role is tightly packaged and penned down in detail. From Sanjay’s anguished screams over discovering Kalpana’s death every time he wakes up to his surprise over finding that he has killed the wrong guy because he cannot remember the face of the killer and even as the extremely sophisticated MD who tries to pass off as a commoner to charm his love, Amir has delivered the goods. He fits the bill and makes the story believable. His body is tattooed all over and he carries photographs of mundane stuff like the pic of his building, his watchman, his manager, his doctor etc to remind him where he is, what he is doing and where he is going. However, 15 mins seems like too short a time to make it completely believable. The medical angle is a little obscure but still gives a lot of leeway to Murugadoss to twist the plot.

Jiah Khan plays a medical student who helps out Amir in his quest. She has done justice to her role. However, a speech training would be very advisable for her.

asinamirThe movie is fast paced and keeps the audience gripped throughout. The flashback of Amir and Asin has been split into two and placed in both halves of the movie to give it the flow it needed. Rest assured there won’t be a dull moment as long as you don’t dissect Amir’s illness and try to use logic but follow whatever he does knowing it is a B-movie after all.

The best part of the movie is the ending where in Amir and Asin sit on a bench and simply gaze at each other while music plays in the background. Ghajini is an excellent watch according to Bollywood standards and it won’t be a surprise if it sweeps all the awards next year. Watch this movie if you want a good time pass and want to witness another Amir Khan masterpiece.

Rating 4/5

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