Café Ashvita – A Heavenly Lounge in Chennai

We, HD (my BF then) and I accidently discovered Café Ashvita and man, have we enjoyed going there. Finding places to hang out are rare in Chennai. CCD is a good choice but the waiters don’t let you sit there for even five extra minutes unless you order something. There is always too much crowd and so were always looking for places to meet up. Also, we were exploring Chennai in and out and anything new always sounded appealing. HD mentioned hearing of Ashvita and we decided to give this one also a chance. We searched on the net and there was hardly anything about the café there. This is all we knew – Café Ashvita is a café cum art gallery in an obscure location in Mylapore. So we decided to walk it out.

Cafe Ashvita - Entrance

Cafe Ashvita - Entrance

We found the address from the net and decided to meet up there. This is what we discovered. When you walk down from Chennai City Centre towards Hotel Residency and keep walking to the signal, you come across a small dirt road doing inside directly opposite to Dominoes across the road. There is a small signage mentioning the café. You have to walk some to reach there and was it a surprise.

Cafe Ashvita - Interiors

Cafe Ashvita - Interiors

Café Ashvita has been created in a heritage home with the dining room and the garden converted into a café. The rest of the house contains an art gallery, clothes and jewellery collection and a small shop for homemade pickles and jams. There is a four seater dining table, comfortable sofas and a lot of bean bags giving the atmosphere a very homely appeal. The colors chosen are bright and lively providing a cheery ambience. The garden has been set up with tables and chairs and even has fans to accommodate for the hot days in the city.

Cafe Ashvita - Garden

Cafe Ashvita - Garden

The menu is varied and you can avail of pastas, sandwiches, cakes and similar snacks at reasonable prices. The beverages offered are numerous. The ones to try out are the toblerone shake and the oreo shake. There is a bulletin board listing the day’s best meals and drinks being offered. The best part of the café is that you can order one single drink and no one questions you. There is no one breathing down your neck to order something or get out. The café lets you enjoy the company of your friends for as long as you like and offers a safe haven for groups looking for lounges in Chennai. The ideal pricing (150 bucks per person) and the comfortable atmosphere has made the place a regular haunt by young couples and college kids, who you can often find discussing projects and assignments over a cup of coffee. 

My best advise would be to go there on an empty stomach and with a lot of friends or that special someone. Just relax and have a great time.

Rating – 5/5       

Address – 11, Second Street, Dr, Radhakrishnan Salai,

Mylapore, Chennai 600004.

Phone: +91 44 4210 9990, 2847 6063

Website –


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  1. once i been to this place its good

  2. very apt and well written review… spot on:)

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