Thank You Foodbuzz

To tell you the truth, I was bored of life. There was nothing new happening. I was stuck with my job as a consultant and it had become quite repetitive and lackluster. I had got newly married and had discovered my culinary talent. Who better to try the new recipes on than Hubby Dear (HD)? He He He. So I decided to archive all the treats that would come out of my kitchen and what better way than to blog it (yeah….a blog has been my dream for a long time).

Well, I got a blog….now what? Blogs widen your friends circle…..blogs give you a new perspective….Blogs pay!!! Did I hear that right? My blog was only two months old though it had 2000 hits already so I thought of taking the professional route. And viola, there was Foodbuzz.

Foodbuzz have made a lot of my dreams come true. They welcomed me with open arms. They gave me a huge circle of friends who have the same interests as me….Foodbuzz has opened a whole new world for me. They have even mentioned me in their newsletter 🙂


I have learnt a number of recipes at Foodbuzz….Indian, cakes and even general home remedies. Some of the foodblog photos are amazing and some recipes really inspiring. Foodbuzz is truly like sailing unchartered seas. It is a great adventure.

Thanks Foodbuzz.


3 Responses

  1. Welcome to Foodbuzz! You are right, it is a great adventure. It is also what you make of it. The making money part is enticing, but the making friends part is better.

    Thanks for adding us as a friend. We welcome you to come to our site!

  2. Welcome to the FoodBuzz “featured publisher” community, and congrats on your newsletter highlight!

  3. Congrats on being in the newsletter. Foodblogging is immense fun and foodbuzz is an awesome community of foodies from all over the world. I am learning so much about other cultures through what they eat. Your so right when you say it’s an adventure.

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