Ready to Cook – Egg Curry

It is so tiring working the whole day at office and then coming home to cook dinner. It is not a chore definitely but sometimes it does get tiring after a long day at work. The best way to get out of too much work here is ready to cook packs. A lot of companies come out with ready to cook packs for various dishes like Matar Paneer, Rajma, Chhole and so on and even with frozen parathas. They sure are a life-saver when you don’t have the energy to make everything from scratch. One of these packs is Parampara Egg Gravy Mix.

HD loves egg masala curry so an egg gravy mix pack is the perfect thing to store in the kitchen. Parampara Egg Gravy Mix comes in 100 gm size and is priced Rs.44. It makes 3 servings per pack and at 150 calories per serving, it is quite the deal.

Parampara Egg Gravy Mix - Preparationn looks exactly the same as on packet!

Parampara Egg Gravy Mix - Preparationn looks exactly the same as on packet!

The egg gravy mix contains the following ingredients – onion, refined sunflower oil, garlic, ginger, tomato,spices, red chilli powder, coriander leaves, mint leaves and turmeric. You do not require anything but 525 ml water and 6 boiled eggs cut in half. The gravy can be prepared on stove top, in pressure cooker or even in microwave according to your comfort level. How-to-cook is mentioned in detail with pictures on the back of the package in English as well as Hindi.

The gravy mix needs to be dissolved in 525 ml water and cooked for 10-15 mins after which the eggs can be added. It comes out as a coarse mixture which is pleasing to the tongue. However, I did add 1 spoon of salt and half a spoon of sugar to get the taste right. All in all, it is a good buy and worth a try.


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