Frankie (Paneer Wrap)

It was Saturday and I wanted to try something new in the kitchen so i thought….how about a homemade Frankie. Surely that will not have too many twists and turns in it. Afterall, Mexican food is very close to Indian. And Frankie is nothing but a rolled up paratha stuffed with vegetables. So here is what I did….I made a roti out of refined flour (maida) and I made a filling of paneer and I just rolled the two things up. the tricky part was keeping the roll stable. It was going on opening….so better keep a plastic or a paper ready in which to wrap the “wrap” up 😉

paneer frankie


100 gms paneer

2 onions



Garlic seasoning

Italian seasoning

Dry mango powder

Red chilli powder

Chaat masala

1 lemon

100 gms maida



Dice the onions. Heat a little oil in a pan and fry the onions till light pink. Cut the panner into bite-sized pieces and fry them along with the onions. Add all the seasonings and spices. Keep the flavor a little strong. When done, take off flame and add lemon juice. The filling is ready.

Make a dough of maida with water and make tortillas out of them in ghee. Tortilla is the Mexican name for our Indian paratha. Do not over cook the tortilla.

Spread a spoonful of filling on the tortilla in a line and wrap it up 🙂