Review – Barbeque Nation

Rating: 5/5

If you want to explore a dinner with a twist or if you want to impress your girlfriend, Barbeque Nation is the place to be. The USP of this restaurant is its offering of a grilling experience and that too right at your table. Yes, there is a grill right in the middle of your table complete with hot smoldering coal pieces and grilled veggies roasting on it!!!

Personal grill at every table!!!

Personal grill at every table!!!

When you enter the restaurant, the first thing that strikes you is the politeness and courtesy of the staff. The service is excellent and not at one moment can you find fault with it. The waiter is available at your beck and call to offer the most of the culinary experience.

Barbeque Nation offers lunch and dinner buffet. Prior reservations are advised. The starters are a choice between 5 vegetarian and 5 non-vegetarian grilled kebabs. There are ample marinades to baste the kebabs. The restaurant encourages to indulge in unlimited abundance and the starters will keep coming till you dip the flag on the table. This is followed by a sumptuous buffet including lip-smacking desserts.

There is an excellent live band to entertain you with the most famous songs of all time. The ambience is relaxed and open. You can make the most of what you want out of it.

Barbeque Nation justifies its name and offers a taste of barbeque within the luxury of a top-class restaurant. There is no restriction on tariffs, service time and portions. The bottom line is “eat as much as you enjoy”. Try it atleast once in your lifetime. They are available at the following address in Chennai:

Shri Devi Park Hotel

No-1 Hanumantha Road

North Usman Road, T Nagar


Phone: 044-42694481 / 2 / 9381512199


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  1. have u tried u deserve to write there 🙂 they are very rewarding

    i write there and i also write reviews at

    i am blogrollin u there 🙂

  2. Hey Swarna…Thanks for the appreciation dear. It is always great to meet a fellow writer. I will surely check out the sites you have mentioned. Cheers. Sam

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