Coleslaw can be made with varied ingredients but the basic are cream (or mayonnaise), cabbage and carrots with an ample sprinkling of salt and pepper. Grate cabbage and carrots. Mix with cream and add salt and pepper according to taste but keep it strong.


If you don’t have cream, you can use a sandwich spread. You can also use curd as a substitute.


Generally coleslaw is made from raw shredded cabbage. In fact, coleslaw is derived from the Latin term literally meaning cabbage salad. Carrots are optional. You can add in other vegetables like onions, capsicum or cucumber or fruits like apple or pineapple.


A variety of seasonings can be used like chilli flakes or ketchup according to taste. It is all about experimenting and arriving at your choice of ingredients. Coleslaw can be served with burgers or can be used as a spread with bread.


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