Fruit Chaat – Health Recipe

Tired of eating same old apples and oranges and papayas for breakfast?

Got fruits rotting in the fridge cos no one is willing to touch them?

It is 4 O’clock in the afternoon and your stomach is rumbling. There is nothing tasty to eat…

Wanna whip up a dessert in a jiffy?


The answer to all the above questions is Fruit Chaat.


Take all the fruits you have got stored up. No limits to mix and match. No limits to what goes. Just take out those apples, oranges, grapes, bananas or anything else you have. Dice into small pieces. Make sure they are small enough to be popped into the mouth directly….no cutting required. You can add in papayas, kiwi, watermelon and just about anything you like here. Add a whole lot of healthy and nutritious nuts – cashews, almonds, raisins. Again, no bars on your choice. Sprinkle salt and castor sugar and top off with lemon juice. Mix thoroughly and refridgerate.


Serve chilled for best flavor.

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