Rawa Idli

I made idli from scratch for the first time yesterday……yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy 🙂 It was an experiment that reeked of failure but ended in success….he he he. For the first time I did not use Instant Idli Mix though I had bought it just in case of trouble. I thought I am in Chennai and I have never prepared a South Indian dish. So rawa idli, coconut chutney and sambar was the outcome. The preparation time is huge but if it is factored in the day’s schedule, idli is not too tough. It just requires prioritizing.


2 cups rawa (suji or semolina)

2 cups curd

2 tblsp salt

1 tblsp oil

1 tblsp urad dal

1 tblsp rai

2 tblsp broken cashewnuts

1 sashe Eno

Rawa Idli
Rawa Idli

Mix rawa, curd and salt and keep overnight to ferment. Add water if the consistency is too thick. Heat oil in a pan. Add rai and when that starts to splutter, add urad dal and cashewnuts and fry them till they turn slightly pink. Add this to the rawa mixture. Now the batter is ready. Just before you want to make idlis, add the Eno to it. This will keep the idlis soft. Oil the idli cups in idli-maker and pour 1 tblsp of mixture on each. Steam it for 15 minutes. Serve with coconut chutney and sambar.


Tip: Let the idlis cool before removing them from the idli-maker. This will facilitate easy removal and the idlis will not break. The effect of Eno will not last long so oil the idli-plates and then add Eno so you can prepare the idlis immediately.


2 Responses

  1. What is the substitute if Eno is not available

  2. Hi Divya. You can use baking soda if eno is not available. Cheers. Sam

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