Pakaude wali Kadhi – Part 1

Kadhi is a delicacy prepared in different ways in different parts of India. Gujarati kadhi is different from Rajasthani kadhi which is different from the one prepared in UP. Even in UP, the kadhi might have boondi in it or pakaudi. Here I write the recipe of how my mother has prepared kadhi. I still remember the awesome smell of kadhi that would fill the house when my brother and I used to come back from school in the afternoon…making us instantly hungry. Just thinking about it is making me hungry. Maybe I will make it tonight…. 😉


Preparation Time – 45 mins to 1 hour

Servings – 4 people


100 gms besan (gram flour)

2 cups khatta dahi (sour curd)

2 cups water

2 tblsp oil

1 tblsp methi ke dane (Fenugreek seeds)

1 tsp zeera (Cumin)

1 tsp rai (Mustard)

Haldi 1 tblsp

Salt to taste

Red chilli powder to taste

Chopped Green chillies (optional)

Mix besan and curd and beat it continuously for 7-10 minutes till it becomes light and fluffy. Heat oil in a crock pot and add fenugreek, cumin and mustard seeds along with chopped green chillies. When the seeds begin to splutter, add the besan-curd mix. Add water, salt, red chilli powder and haldi. Bring the kadhi to a boil. Cover the pot and let the kadhi simmer while stirring frequently. Kadhi takes a lot of time to cook so you need to be patient. Kadhi is ready when its color changes to deep orange and the ‘kacchapan’ or rawness of besan goes out of it. Serve hot.

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