Pakaude wali Kadhi – Part 2

Kadhi can be served plain according to Rajasthani custom. However, adding pakaude to it gives it a distinct flavor. In the first part of pakaude wali kadhi I discussed how to make the basic kadhi. Here I shall discuss how to make pakaude for it.

Preparation Time – 20 mins

Servings – 4 people


100 gms besan (gram flour)


Oil to fry pakaude


Salt to taste

Mix besan with water and add haldi and salt. Mix it for 7-10 minutes till it becomes light and fluffy. Make sure that it is not so thin that it flows freely. Take a flat based kadhai and pour oil in it. When the oil heats up properly, take a very small portion of the besan batter in your fingers and slide it down on the edge of the oil. The speciality of this pakaudi is that it will fluff up to double its size and rise above the oil. This shows that the consistency of the batter was adequate. Fry the pakaudi till golden brown. Then immerse it in a bowl of water till it becomes soft. Squeeze out the water gently ensuring that the pakaudi does not break and keep aside. Add to kadhi when it is simmering. The pakaudi will absorb the water in the kadhi so make sure the kadhi is sufficiently thin.


Tip: Keep the salt light to compliment the taste of kadhi.

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