Vinegar Onion – Pickle without oil!

Sometimes I wonder what to serve with the main course. It is kinda tedious preparing an elaborate salad or find a new pickle everyday. Most of the time I end up serving only diced onions or cucumbers and sometimes not even that. What do you do when you have only one hour to prepare dinner??? Something that can be stored without the fear of going bad anytime soon is the only answer and the first thing that comes to mind is vinegar onion.

Vinegar onion keep for many days. In fact, the taste betters as they age and as the vinegar is slowly absorbed by the onions. This is clearly evident in their deepening pink color. The rosier, the better.

Bottled Vinegar Onion

Bottled Vinegar Onion

The ingredients are pretty simple. Get some edible vinegar (if possible, fruit vinegar which is of brown color and gives a more delicious taste to the onions) and very small onions. Peel the onions. Mix the two and add a pinch of salt. Store in a glass jar for future use. If you use brown vinegar, you can serve the onions immediately also. Also, if peeling small onions seems a task to you, get some regular ones and cut them into halves or even quarters for serving size.

To make the dish more intersting, you can also add garlic cloves, green chillies and even dices radish. This gives a color to the onions and gives the guests more to choose from.


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