7 Cups Barfi

This sweet is called seven cups barfi as 7 cups of ingredients go into it. It does not take much effort or preparation time and it is a favorite among children.

Preparation Time – 20 mins

Servings – 8 people


3 cups sugar

1 cup besam

1 cup nariyal powder (dessicated coconut)

1 cup ghee

1 cup milk

Mix all the ingredients together and beat them together for some time. Then put them on the gas ans stir. When the batter starts to leave the side of the pan, take it off the gas. Make sure the batter is not completely dry. Keep stirring for some time after taking off the gas. This will make the barfi soft. Spread in a plate and let it set. It will set in 10-15 mins. Cut into diamond shapes before serving.


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